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You are welcome to the wonder land of hacks, want to know how to hack an ATM MACHINE OR BANK ACCOUNT?
You can hack and break into a bank's security without carrying guns or any weapon.


First of all, we have to learn about the manual hacking of ATM MACHINES AND BANKING ACCOUNTS before introducing the software.


If you have been to the bank, you find out that the money in the ATM MACHINE is being filled right inside the house where the machine is built with enough security.

To hack this machine manually, get an ATM card, wether valid or not, as long as it can freely enter into the machine. Then get a candle, light the candle and use the wax to cover the panel on the ATM CARD, covering that panel will make the card look defualt to the machine.

Now, go to any Bank near you and try this trick, but if you are caught, thats your own wella ooh! not mine. When you get to the machine, insert the card and enter a default pin which is 0000. Done that? Wait and see the action. The atm machine will dispense cash. But some times the machine would say card not smart or it would just eject your card. The reasons is because some atm machines are upgraded while others are not.

For you to know an upgraded atm machine, you will observe that most times when you use a particular atm machine, as the machine is dispensing the cash, the bank will also send you a debit alert. If the machine is not upgraded, it may take up to 30 minutes before the bank sends a debit alert. The candle trick is 60% efficient on a machine that is not upgrade but it may not work on upgraded machine because of its sensitivity.


From our studies on the manual hacking of the atm machine, you will agree with me that its affects the bank alone but using the software affects the individual or organisation that owns the bank account.

Like I said, the software is very easy to use, but you need a prepaid debit mastercard and a knowledge on how to hide your browsing ip (your location) on your pc. The money you hack will be sent to your prepaid debit mastercard not your bank account, this is for security reasons but afterwards, you can go to the nearest atm machine close to you and withdraw the money using your mastercard.
NOTE: I advice that you should not use your correct house address on your mastercard billing details to avoid probs for yourself.

Having known this, you download the software, install it, launch it and enter every information required on start. After this, logon to the control panel and click on transfer funds, then you will be brought to a page where you will enter the details of the bank account you want to hack. Details like account name, account number, name of bank, country and routing. After entering the informations, click submit and the person's bank account balance will display, then enter the amount you want and click send to card, the money will be sent to your prepaid debit mastercard.


We are currently not selling this software but you cant try our bank transfer services. This services would enable you recieve a bank transfer from us at fixed rate, with the help of the softwares and tools we have, we can initiate and authorize transfers from any bank database. see our transfer rates here:

Bank transfers are now available to the following countries :
  • USA
  • UK
  • EU
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Malaysia

  Value of Transfers :

$2,000 - $10,000 per transfer to Personal accounts (Checking accounts, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Standard accounts) Transfers over $10,000 are available to Business or Corporate accounts only

Transfer Clearing time :

Same day service to UK/USA/EU/Canada/Australia - 1 to 2 business days service to Russia/Dubai/Singapore,

Fee :

  • $2000 - $4000: $450
  • $5000 - $7000: $750
  • $8000 - $10000: $1050

NOTE: If your country is not on the list, you can contact us directly, the process is very simple, you contact our sales dept and tell us how much transfer you need, you pay transfer fees and provide us with your account details and we will complete your order by transferring to the account you provided. You can mails us here


As a result of numerous questions we receive from new customers and clients, we've decided to add this to answer some of your questions before you contact us.


A lot of customers do ask this question when they contact us and the answer is NO, we dont sell money.


Our services is just bank transfers and wire. We have hacked online banking details of various bank which we gathered as a result of the worm and virus we spread online. We  make transfers from this accounts  to any
account you provide, our services is of high demand. 

Contact us if you have further question or you are not clear. Email:


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I had a deal with this hacker, I paid him for a trojan and I got download link few hours later, I followed the tutorial he sent on how to use the tool then i went to a public computer center and disabled their anti virus and installed it. I got home later in the day and checked my server and like a magic all the username, email and passwords enter on that pc during the day was right there before me. Its awful, thanks bro. He is legit

I have been searching for ways to hack funds. I am willing to do whats nessasary it retrieve them. All I need is assistance on how to do so...


my name is shawn from new york, I want to say a very big thank you to this team! i paid for $8000 transfer to my chase bank account and i got the transfer within 24 hours. Thank you! hope to deal again

I have been working with this team for over two years and i bet you, there services are highly commendable and the best i've seen

it have been 2 days today since I paid $1050 to this people for $10000 transfer to TD bank account and till now I've not recieved any transfer from them. I have been sending mails to them and they keep asking to hold on that they are working on it. I dont know what to think, is this for real ?

wooooooooow! I got my transfer now! oh! thank you so much, I am very happy and feel like shedding tears. Please admin, kindly remove my previous comment above, I was upset. I got my transfer , you guys are a life saver!

I am in Australia, i paid $1500 for $15000 tranfer to my business account and I got the transfer to my common wealth bank account same day. cheers :) .

I have been searching for a legit vendor and i finally found one. Got my first transfer of 10,000 GBP to my llyods business account

Thank you for this wonderful services, you are a life saver! I will contact you again once I have my accounts setup for shooting

I am having a wonderful holiday in Nertherland, thanks for making this possible. I managed to get $15000 transfer before the xmas. How often can I get this services? I'd like it every day lol :)

how i could contact the hacker, where is the email please


I am Larry from UK, I got $65,000 transferred to my business account. it really got me out of debt, you guys are SUPERB!

I got R500,000 transfered to me here in South Africa. I waited for almost a week, I mailed, abused and said all sort of things and finally it happened and I apologized for my negative words but they said all I can help them do is to tell the world about their services and here I am. I really appreciate your help.

@ kambule how much dd u pay to end up getting the 500grand.kinda interested..also in SA

please admin, kindly respond to my mail! It's Claire, money got reversed and my account has been restricted. I think its because I've never received a single transfer of $75,000 on the account before but you should at least reply my mails, I know you are reading them. I can show you proofs that the payments got reversed. I can use a friend's business account. Just reply me and lets sort things out. Please

I got my problem sorted and I received my transfer. Just like a dream :). Admin you can remove my prevoius comment. Thank you guys for such a wonderful opputurnity. Looking forward to a loooooong business relationship

I had a good transaction with them!

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